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Founded in April 2004, with the approval of Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, the institute is based on the policy by the State Council, Provincial Government and local Party and government to strongly promote the reform and development of vocational education and on the “Jiangsu Province Implementation Plan for Advanced Vocational Education (five year)” and the “Suzhou Overall Scheme of Framework Restructuring for Vocational Education”. The institute is the result of a merger of five pre-existing schoolsSuzhou Vocational College of Architecture, Suzhou Vocational Middle School of Architecture (also known as the Suzhou Architecture Polytechnic), Suzhou Urban and Rural Construction Vocational Middle School ( also known as Suzhou Urban and Rural Construction Polytechnic), Suzhou Vocational Middle School of Construction Materials, and Suzhou communications Polytechnic. In September 2004, the institute officially moved into Suzhou International Education Park (SIEP). In February 2005, it was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission as a “vocational institute” and meanwhile formally named as the Suzhou Construction and Communications Branch of Jiangsu Union Technical Institute, mainly aiming at five-year vocational education for secondary and advanced technical applied talents. 

    In response to social demands, the institute has established seven main academic departments: Communications Engineering department, Urban Rail Transit department, Civil Engineering department, Engineering Management department, Environmental Designing department and Business & Trading department.  There is also a Basic Education Department responsible for organizing basic teaching for all the departments. The institute possesses advanced teaching facilities, experienced staffs and insightful management team. Among the 264 full-time and 205 part-time teachers, 87.1% own their intermediate or high professional titles and over 50% are double-qualified teachers. Currently, there are over 7000 students taking 13 five-year high vocational majors, such as Construction Engineering and Automobile Maintaining & Testing, as well as 7 three-year secondary vocational majors, like Industrial &Civil Construction, and Vehicle Application & Maintenance. 

    The institute consists of two campuses. The one is Suzhou International Education Park  Campus holds three departments: Civil Engineering, Electronic Information and Business & Trading. It covers an area of 302 acres, within which there are 110 thousand square meters of teaching, living, and office building land. The other one, Yinshan-Lake Campus, owns 20 thousand square meters of automobile training center, 20 million RMB of teaching facilities and a cooperative 4S shop for FAW-Volkswagen with Suzhou OuYa WeiYe Industrial LTD. As a National Training Base for Automobile Utilization Engineering and Maintaining Skilled Talents, Yinshan-Lake Campus features an education philosophy of combining training, teaching and researching together. 

    The institute attaches great importance to students’ comprehensive qualities and manipulative abilities, with following outstanding features: 
● a modal of combining theory with practice and Task- based teaching 
● chosen by Ministry of Construction as Suzhou Vehicle Technology Experimental Institute of German Hans Seidel Foundation 
● T-TEP school for Toyota Motor Corporation 
● cooperate with companies like Boshi Vehicle Parts , HYUNDAI Motor, KingLong Motor, BASF SE and Sunchief 
● competition range of Jiangsu Provincial Competition of Vehicle Application & Maintenance; a training field of Jiangsu provincial team for National competition of Automobile Maintaining 
● rewarded with “Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Vocational Education”, “Advanced unit of Technical Competition of Jiangsu Vocational schools”, “Contribution Awards for Technical Competition of Jiangsu Vocational schools 

    The institute adhere students-oriented values as a guiding principle and scientific developments as an operating foundation. Aiming at being a Brand-name school, innovating personnel training pattern, promoting reform in education and teaching, building a harmonious campus and contributing to local economic construction and development, the institute can achieve a bright future with your participation.