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Our students attend Innovation Contest


      To thoroughly apply the meeting spirit of national and provincial vocational education, continuously promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education for vocational students, foster students’ innovation consciousness, innovation thinking and innovation ability, as well as getting preparation for 7th Jiangsu Vocational Education Innovation Contest, 2015 Suzhou Vocational Education Innovation Contest, host by Suzhou Bureau of Education, was held in Suzhou Industrial Park Industrial Technology School (SIPITS) in Oct 16, 2015.  We had 11 students together with teachers taking part in this contest, led by Mr Li Wenyang, the dean of Students’ Affairs Office

      Among 173 pieces of entries, we selected 3 pieces such as “storage case for teaching” to participate secondary group, 5 pieces such as “ventilated seats” to higher group and 2 pieces of thesis on technology innovation and educational research to teacher group. 

      During the show, through the communication with other schools and the comments from experts, our students and their instructors learnt a lot, and got many new ideas to make their works much more prefect. 

Count: 9175
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