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Welcome, 2015-Freshmen!


On Sept 13, the enrollment day of the fresh students, the whole campus is decorated with lots of colorful flags and welcoming banners. 

Early in the morning, the freshmen, together with their parents, walk into our beautiful campus.  With a smile, some of them are taking a tour of campus, some are busy registering.  The institute has got everything well prepared.  Teachers, student cadre and voluntary students can be found everywhere to serve the freshmen. 

Up to now, there are 796 freshmen in SIEP Campus and 456 in Yinshan-Lake Campus.  We believe that so many freshmen’s joining will surely bring us more energy.  Let’s look forward to this new term!

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Keywords:Welcome, 2015-Freshmen!

Welcome, freshmen!
Welcome, Freshmen!
Principle Yang Jianliang Participated in the Welcome Ceremony of Chairman Hu in White House
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